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Website update - critique please! *LINK*

David Hammond, in Powder Springs GA
>Hello all:

First things first - I've been majorly overhauling my website in the past two weeks, adding almost all new photo's, and new writing as well. I would like your opinions: how do the photographs of the bowls look? How well does the site load, w/your dialup, cable or DSL? Are the links working, both web and email? I would appreciate any answers or comments you guys and gals could give me - I've got the site working great for me, but would like some feedback as to how well it works, and how it flows for other "un-biased" viewers. I paid to get rid of a whole pile of ads that were recently piling up, so I hope with that, along with the work I've done, that the website has a much more professional feel to it - what do you think?

And as an aside, I've added a workbench page with a couple of photos, and a couple of links for those of you who have been following my workbench saga - more will come when I get some more work done!

Thanks so much for your time,
David Hammond
My Dad & Me, Inc.

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