Turning Archive 2005

Skewer Tips and Tricks...

Larry In Lima
>I am planning on making quite a few barbecue skewers for the family (shishkabobs). I know the principal is simple enough, drill hole in one end for the metal skewer, turn the wood round, maybe epoxy the skewer in the hole, use a ferrule.

I'm thinking handles 3/4" round, 4" long. Stainless steel for the skewer. Flat steel stock, but still thin might be best, to keep the food from spinning around on the skewer once on the grill.

Questions - where would be a good place to buy stainless steel in an appropriate size (1/8" thick, 1/4" wide, 14" long once cut?), and what is a good heat resistant wood, available in maybe 1" square stock? Source of wood and a recommended finish?

Anyone done this, and what did you do, what would you do different? I know this isn't rocket science for something like this, but considering I may make about 60 of these, I'd like to do it "right" and very well the first time!! Thanks. Larry

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