Turning Archive 2005

Wet Dog Smell

Don Rhodes
>Recently came into possession of some very large bits of curly maple and some elm (all freshly cut). Unfortunately, my wife says the house now smells like 'wet dog' (the maple). When I turn some elm, it smells like urine! The elm seems to stop smelling, but still smell that wet dog in the basement (where the lathe is).
Anyone have this experience? Does it eventually go away as the wood dries?
The curl is beautiful (which mollifies my wife), even though all I have done is roughed out some bowls/platters. The grain of the curl seems to lift up in places though, especially on the pieces I have cored out. I will try some of the techniques I have seen here re shear scraping/cutting when it comes time to finish turn it (hope I remember in a year or so).

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