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Powermatic 3520A Tailstock Question

Clem Wixted
>While trying to mount my live center in the tailstock today, I couldn't get it in seat. So I cranked the handle and nothing happened. Still couldn't get the it to seat. Long story short, the shaft was spinning in the tailstock. There was a short pin in the recess in the tailstock. I found a hole for the pin and rotated the shaft so the pin would seat in the grooved slot on the shaft. I rotated the shaft with the slot to the bottom and was able to insert the pin so the shaft wouldn't spin when I cranked the handle.

Now the question.

How hard should I drive the pin to stay in the hole?

The pin doesn't appear to be tapered. There is a hole in the top of the tailstock that appears to be over the pin. I guess that could be used to drive the pin out if it were ever necessary but I haven't cleaned out the hole to check that.

Thanks for your help,


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