Turning Archive 2005

Almost forgot, please help!

Gary Evans Tallassee, TN
>I almost forgot to start publicizing the fact that we will be doing another Tool Swap at the Turning Southern Style symposium Sept. 16-18.

The nice folks at GAW are going to provide extra room to spread out, so if you have a lathe or bandsaw or whatever laying about that you'd like to try to sell or trade, bring it on down.

In fact, anybody who attends the symposium is welcome to bring any used turning tools, accessories or other equipment that they don't use and put it in the Talasi Hardwoods booth in the vendor area. We will sell it for you or put you in touch with someone that you might want to trade with. There is no charge for this event and we urge everyone to participate. Just make sure that you have your stuff labeled and that you get your name on our master list.

Now here's where I need some help. Please let all your turner friends know about this event. I forgot to put the word out to the various turning clubs as early as I wanted to.

We did this at the Turning Southern Style symposium in Gainesville and had a great time. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'm going to have the lovely assistant who helped me with the last one. I'm going to miss you, Ruth Niles!

Thanks a heap and look forward to seeing you at Unicoi,

Gary Evans
Talasi Hardwoods

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