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SWAT Symosium les than 6 weeks away *LINK*

Bob Matern
>The Southwest Association of Turners (SWAT) 2005 Symposium (formerly "Texas Turn or Two") will be at the Wichita Falls, TX Multi-Purpose Events Center from Sept. 30 through October 2. Based on the last couple year's experience, we expect 400-500 people. There will be 4 professionals (Bonnie Klein, Alan Lacer, Mark Sfirri and Malcolm Tibbets) plus 19 regional turning experts and a dedicated pen turning track. There's time for you to see up to 11 different demonstrations, visit a large vendor area, view the 500+ piece Instant Gallery and the Spouse's Instant Gallery and enjoy the 3 included lunches, all packed with Southwestern hospitality. All this for the bargain registration fee of only $75! until 9/15!! Compare that to the price of other turning symposia and we're helping you pay for alot of gas money!!

Everything above is included in the registration fee. Plus, there's a Saturday night banquet and a 2-for1 raffle. Our Saturday raffle (not an auction) gives you the chance to win donated pieces from our professionals as well as from 30+ of the best turners from the Southwest. And if that weren't enough, those same raffle tickets will still be good at lunch on Sunday for a large selection of "stuff", including some pretty high end merchandise. Also available is the Spouse's Program which features a ceramics class, a dinner theater special presentation, a tour of old time Texas and a jewelry-making program.

You can get all the details, the registration form and more, by going to www.swaturners.com

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SWAT Symosium les than 6 weeks away *LINK*
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