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Glaser gouges/V15

Ed Moore
>Last evening, after a lot thought, I ordered a 5/8" Glaser V15 deep bowl gouge online from Packard. Today I got an e-mail stating that they were out of stock and that the next batch of 5/8" V15's would have shafts of a cheaper steel attached to the V15 business end of things. I chose to back-order and wait a couple of weeks and get the new style gouge. Apparently the 3/4" gouges have been made this way for some time now.

While chatting with Brad Packard to confirm my agreement with back-ordering, I asked about Jerry Glaser's age. Apparently he is 85 and still assembles and sharpens the tools himself, although the production of the parts is out-sourced. I feel like I am purchasing a work of art by a national treasure.

When our firstborn arrived, our pastor told me, "Ed, don't ever look back and say `I wish I had...' ." I feel the same way about these tools and I don't want to look back in a few years and say "I wish I had ... ".


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