Turning Archive 2005

"signature pieces"

Ronny Eelen (from Belgium)
>Everybody knows them and who makes them. The name of the turner is automatically linked to the image of the piece. You even see them get born here on WC sometimes.
Now suppose....
I have these books of idea's. It gets added to every now and again. One is full and a second has just been started. There are a few, only a few, things in there of which I believe that nobody does it, or does it to the same extend, or uses it in that way. Things that just might become..... :-)
Now, I am still a beginner, haven't really turned in almost 2 years, because of buying a house and related stuff, but I do have these idea's sketched in there. I don't know if this is a question to ask, or just too dumb, or even pompous to ask, but in about a month's time my 2 gardenhouses will be finished, and one of them will be completely MINE! (finally...) and the only things to come in there will be turning-related.
So, when I get started again, do I start using those 'unique' designs already, or should I first work hard for a few years to become more skilled and only then start trying them?
Then again, they might not be so unique as I believe they are...

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