Turning Archive 2005

First attempt at Photographing my work *PIC*

Devon Palmer

Finally got some pictures taken of my stuff. I used to varitone background mentioned in the AAW "American Woodturner" issue from earlier this year. Taken with two halogen desk lamps on either side and Flourescent overhead. Any suggestions on how I can improve the quality? (aka, what is wrong with this picture - don't be kind, I'm a big boy :)) My shop space is super limited, but, building a photobox isn't out of question if it would really help.

Spalted Poplar and Soft maple, Tung Oil per Russ's instructions, and Buffed.

OT, I've been storing my Tung oil in the fridge to extend its shelf life between applications. I usually take it out a coupla hours and let it warm to room temp before applying. Its seems to help, but, is keeping it cool bad?

Devon Palmer, Woodturning newbie, Columbus Ohio...

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