Turning Archive 2005

Dragon Frisbee *PIC*

Molly Winton
>I've not posted something for a while, and the site is a bit slow lately, so I thought I'd post this guy. Our turning club has a contest every year at our annual picnic. This year it was to make a Frisbee. Here's my entry. It's poplar, 9" diameter, but only 1" thick. It's the only stock I had available in the wood shed. I was too cheap to go out and buy something else. I went for the design prize, rather than flight/technical prize. I tied for second place. Prior to KC my son asked me for "something with a dragon on it". Righty-O! I don't know how to draw a dragon! Fortunately while at the trade show, Timberline had a book on dragon designs. This is from the book. I altered it ever so slightly by adding whiskers. It didn't look right without them. The outline is burned, while the colors are Prismacolor markers. It was fun to do.

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