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Posting Multiple Pics - Need Help

Ray Johnson
>I know this has been discussed before but it is not computing with me. In the posts I did yesterday re Sophie's BBQ, Only the last of many pictures displayed.

Is my problem due to having multiple pictures on Wood Central's site? Do I need to find another site to host the pictures?

During the creation of the posts, I would use the graphic upload to upload a picture, then preview, then take the URL that was in the "Optional Image" field and place it in the message area. Then I would edit the URL so it was in proper HTML format. Then preview again. This was repeated for each of the pictures.

When I would finalize the Post, I would reopen the Post and all was there. But now it don't work. Help!!

1st pic verbiage
(Left arrow)img src="http://www.woodcentral.com/content/vpix_tu/picray+johnson426.jpg"(right arrow)

Next pic verbiage
(Left Arrow)img src="http://www.woodcentral.com/content/vpix_tu/picray+johnson609.jpg"(Right Arrow)


Email or response would work. Maybe I can send the pics and verbiage to someone and they can post them for me?

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