Turning Archive 2005

Are you an artist?

Keith Tompkins
>In many socialist or communist countries, art is forbidden. Why? Art is the expression of the individual. Not good, as the welfare of the masses, not the individual, is paramount. Art is open to individual interpretation; again, not good. Too much thinking is bad (we wouldn't want a revolution now, would we?) Artists are therefore perceived as a threat to the system. Art books are collected and destroyed.

Form follows function...now that's better. Straigt lines.. minimal decoration, no compound curves that may be interpreted as artistic expression. Ninety degree angles leave nothing to the imagination.

The old ways, passed on from one generation to the next, are replaced with the new ways, the resulting in products that are stark but functional. The old ways produced things that were beautiful, cherished by each generation. That cannot be allowed.

My point? We have the freedom to produce anything we choose. Things that make us happy, even proud. Even if it's ugly, it's ours and we still like it. We are free to interpret what we see and produce things in any way we choose....Does that make us artists? Or have I been reading too many art history books?

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