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Hollow Form Exercise, Some pics

Jim Shaver - Oakville, Ontario

Well I must be getting hooked by all the great turning presentations and topics lately, I completed a new turning last night. I have been told one aspect of my basic turning skills that needs development is my execution of simple flowing forms that look pleasing to the eye and also in your hand.

I decided try an exercise with this in mind that would give me an opportunity to try a hollow form, of sorts. I have made only one hollow form before, a small egg shape work that I gave as a Christmas present last year in a Secret Santa exchange. Going with that experience I decided to also incorporate the look of a collar as well. I realize that making the form flow is one thing, but introducing a collar also can add an element of design that can make or break the over all look. I choose two woods that are basic hardwoods, a small piece of soft maple and a piece of walnut for the collar.

I turned the outside of the maple and then I hollowed as much of the inside as I dare, but my real focus was the outside form so there is some weight still in the piece. I made the collar opening small enough as well so prying fingers would not tell on me!

So here it is, my small hollow form exercise, about 5 inches across and 2 ¼ inches tall. I finished it with a few coats of Danish oil followed by 2 coats of a wipe on clear coat then I passed it through my set of Beall wheels.

I used a piece of PVC as a jam chuck on my Stronghold, a trick Jennifer told me about. I lined it with some soft rubber that had adhesive on the back side. I used it as my final turning process for the final shaping of the foot. I must have cranked the tail stop up too tight as when I removed the piece from the lathe I noticed a strong ring shaped winess mark around the top of the work. I looked at the PVC collar and saw that the rubber was split and the wood rode directly on the PVC. So I looked at that ring and decided, it’s a design feature and with a happy smile called it Done!

My final impressions of this are very simple, the hollow form bowl sits nicely in my hands and it feels like a smooth piece of shale that has been tumbled and abraded by the wash on a beach, a perfect skipper rock! Now that brings a smile to my face!

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