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Sophie's Seventh Annual BBQ Pics

Ray Johnson
>Sophie and Beckie! What can we say that hasn't been said in previous posts about these two. They are both very very nice (well at least one of them is) and gracious hosts. These BBQ's are always successful due to their work before and during the BBQ. This year was no exception


I apologize for the lateness of these pictures. After the BBQ, my wife and I spent a week in the Canadian Rockies then back to work and trying to play catch up there.

I am going to break these pictures up into several posts to make it easier on us who don't have fast connections.

The first picture is Hovey Moore, Wayne Goldstein, and the infamous Dave (Stuck at home now) Smith.

This is Daves Bowl Saver at work. Very nice. Saves on the amount of shavings, plus can get multiple bowls or cores from the original block.

This is the view as it is being used:

Wayne is testing out the bowl saver.

After the core is out and somewhat roughed out.

DINNER TIME. Lots of folks brought food for pot luck and dessert. Sophie cooked his salmon over the fire. Prime rib was barbequed. Someone made a super delicious white cake. Yum!

Sophies Salmon after the eating has started.

Beckie and Bart Leetch at the prime rib area.

Barb Siddiqui, Mike (traveling Man), and Sharon Goldstein taking advantage of the food.

After Dinner relaxation.
Left to Right - Becky, Wayne and Sharon, Barb and George Siddiqui, Dave

Foreground - Hovey and Dani Moore.
Backgorund - Dave Smith and Sophie

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