Turning Archive 2005

use of a three-point tool?

GaryG in MD
>I was browsing through the Liberty Tool Company in Liberty, Maine recently (amazing place), and I came across a sort of three-point tool that someone had ground out of an old Nicholson "Black Diamond" "slim taper" #5 file. The price was right.

I have Googled "three point tool" without much success, and I also searched the WC archive, likewise. So it's time to come to the experts: you.

I have read in the commercial ads that this is supposed to be an "easy" tool to use. Some reviews say it's like using a skew. I don't understand that because the angle between the faces is more like a scraper. Most commentaries agree that it makes a nice beading tool and a nice V groover. OK, fine. So how do I really use it.

I would appreciate some comments on just exactly how one approaches the wood with this tool and what applications it has. Does one ride the bevel and roll it in, as with most turning tools? Handle level, low, ...? What is the theory behind this tool? Is it a slicer or a scraper?

I'm ready to use it; I just don't know how or on what. ;-)


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