Turning Archive 2005

Question....Respirator..About time?

Wally Dickerman in Arizona
>As some of you know, I started woodturning 70 years ago. During much of that time I must have breathed enough dust to fill my lungs 50 times. I didn't have any kind of a dust system until the late 70's. Even then, with the systems available, the fine dust still filled the air, and I breathed a lot of it. Still do. I find it amazing that it hasn't bothered me...until now.

I've just returned from a two month trip. No turning and no coughing. Now that I'm back in the shop, the cough has returned. Not serious, but enough to tell me that I'd better do something about it.

I've decided that if i'm to continue turning it has to be with a respirator. I've heard some good things about a Triton. My question is, is there something better? I'd appreciate comments from some of you who use respirators.


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