Turning Archive 2005

photo booth done, now i need to practice *LINK* *PIC*

>ran around today to get all the parts for a photo booth, 3/4 PVC, non rip nylon, gray backdrop/seemless paper and a few lights.
the whole thing is a bit bigger than i thought i wanted it, but then i thought it might come in handy, its about 36"x36"x55", i set it up on an old workbench i had and some ply. the fabric is attached with PVC clamps i made from 1" pvc pipe that i ripped in just about half so it would snap over the 3/4" pipe of the frame.
then i set up the lights and played around with it, i still need to figure the best way of lighting it. i also hooked up a TV to the camera so i don't have to look so much on that little screen of the camera.
here a shot of the setup and a few pics i took. now i just need to find the best way of lighting the pieces and i am ready for better pics.
the camera setting was on low quality so i wouldn't have to get each pic web ready, but for a portfolio i would shoot in high resolution.
thanx guys for past posts about this, i have been wanting to do this for a while.


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