Turning Archive 2005

Thanks WoodCraft for a Great Turnathon

Craig Fyock
>Im new to this board and wanted to say HI and share this with you all.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kieth, Scott, Howard and all the guys at the Addison, TX WoodCraft store for another "GREAT" Tat.

There were around 20 lathes (ALl Jet.....Why isnt Jet a sponsor of this project?) set up with a super showing from the Hunt County WoodTuners, Dallas and Golden Triangle Clubs also had representation there. The total turned for the day was roughly 360 pens. There were probably close to 2 dozen first time pens turned. I was lucky enough to instruct approx. 8 first time turners and that was the highlight of my day.

Everyone had a woderful time thanks to the guys at WoodCraft. They feed us cookies, soft drinks and Pizza all day long. There were many door prizes given away via drawings open to all turners (gotta say thanks for the super tool bag I won. I know all the winners were extremely happy with their gifts as well).

What I was most amazed with was that with as many lathes and turners crowding the store and as many customers as there were (WoodCraft Was having a busy day) that everything went extremely smoothly and any and all the turners needs and wishes were happily and quickly fulfilled by the staff. I know these projects are hectic and expensive to put on but I, as well as all those who participated, are greatful to WoodCraft and all its employees for being such great hosts. Hope to See everyone again on Veterans Day.

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