Turning Archive 2005

Cedar vase *PIC*

Ed Kelle
>10"H x 7" rim diameter. Done this weekend, I really did not expect to see purple in this log, the heartwood was orange on the end. For me, it was a big blank, about 14x 11 to start with, boy I wish my lathe would go slower than 500rpm cause it sure seemed fast to me. I kept it between centers for all of the outside work and even some of the initial 2" or so of hollowing. Lots of hand sanding later, I packed it in for the night and put it in a bag of shavings till Saturday. And for some odd reason it didn't warp or start to crack.

I drilled a depth hole with a nice big 1" bit and slowly worked my way down using my big ellsworth bowl gouge and a heavy duty bowl scraper. Once again, had no luck with my Sorby hollowmaster. It just loves to turn over on me even with the flat grind underneath. I went as deep as I could go, dur to the limits of my tools and toolrest, so it is about 1.5" thick at the bottom and still shows the drill hole a bit. Sanded the inside and saturated it with oil before it could start to dry out, there were already a few pith cracks forming due to the heat of sanding the inside bottom. Still in the oiling process and it is holding shape very well.

Of course after the hollowing I saw a lot of great colorings going on inside and thought, if I just went a little narrower on the outside I could have brought more color up higher on the vase. Oh well. Its a nice piece either way and probably my biggest work to date.

In the future, I should build a steady rest so I don't have to worry about launching the piece the entire time. I'd also like get a decent hollowing tool as well. I was really suprised how well the bowl gouge worked in hollowing end grain.

Learned a bunch on this piece and I am pleased with the results.

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