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john Lucas
>Wow what a weekend. We had 5 great instructors (and me) Unfortunately I didn't get to see them all since I was demonstrating. I did sit through a demo with Johannes Michelsen and a couple with Christian Burchard. These guys are great. I watched Johannes turn a hat. I could not believe he does a hat that thin that fast. It's amazing. I didn't get to see Rolly Monroe or Alan Lacer. I heard there demos were good.

I did get to talk to Alan about an antique turning tool he had. What a unique tool. Looked like a giant Rolly Monroe hollowing tool. It had a 2inch U shaped cutter with a piece of wood on the top that limited the depth of cut. You held it with the handle over your shoulder and cut from the botomside of the wood.

I spent far too much money on carving tools and little money on wood. You could have spend a lot of money on wood.

If you weren't there you missed a good time.

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