Turning Archive 2005

Bowl Sanding-Finishing Question

George Van in WI
>I am just starting to finish some bowls, this is the first time I have seriously worked at a finish as I have only completed a couple of bowls and was less than satisfied with the results of my finishing.

In a lot of the demos and instructions, bowls are sanded and finished on the lathe, clamped in the jaws of a chuck. Some of the finishes are rather extensive and take days or weeks. After the finish is complete the bowl is taken from the chuck and mentions is made that only the bottom is left to turn and finish.

Does this mean that with that finishing system that the bowl is reversed; bottom finish turned, sanded, and then finished to the same standard as the rest of the bowl, or is the finish considered less important on the bottom? Or is this for demonstration purposes only? It seem to me that one would be better totally finishing and sanding the entire bowl and then completely apply the finish and cut the finishing time considerably without having to repair any damage in the bottom of the bowl where the foot or base meet from additional turning or sanding.

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