Turning Archive 2005

Carpal Tunnel?

>Hey everyone,

I've been turning a LOT this summer (approx 15-20 hrs a week on average) and I've started to notice, what I "think" are, early signs of Carpal Tunnel. I started noticing a few weeks ago, that after an hour or so of turning, I started getting a pain in the center of my hand - not severe or anything. But, the onset is now much quicker and I'm noticing dexterity issues. (Dr Appointments already made :)

Note: My technique is admittedly poor as I haven't been turning that long, and I tend to push a little too hard at times and hold the tool really tightly. Been working on that. I also wear open fingered carpenters gloves for comfort/safety.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had any similar problems, and if so, what anyone is doing about it.

Warm Regards,

- Devon Palmer, Columbus, Ohio

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