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Maple Burl Lidded Box. >pics

Jim Shaver - Oakville, Ontario

From some more maple burl I had in the shop I turned this lidded box, about 2 7/8 inches tall by about 2 inches across. I hollowed out the inside to match the outside form as well. A simple oil and wax finish.

I love making these types of boxes and usually make a variety of shapes. I was inspired by some boxes that have been presented here over the last few months as well! Making this box was again a simple process, but I focused more on form. I am really trying to pay attention to that and see if my turning improves.

I am also making this one for the Golden Horseshoe Wood Turners meeting, our last hands on was making lidded boxes (I Missed the class), but were are supposed to bring one for our September meeting , so I actually have something to Show!

Okay, I need to get back to making some pens...now where is my mandrel.....


Take care,

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