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Gopher wood supplier source?

Keith Newton
>Ugh. I just Googled the subject line, hoping to find some unusual wood, but all I found was the same joke / sermon about 1000 times. I followed that with olive wood, and or woods from the Holy Land, and all that turned up was novelty stuff.

I have been ask or commission by a church to turn a re-usable cremation vessel, for the funeral service, which will conceal a stainless steel vessel which contains the ashes that are then interred in the columbairum, as the service comes to a close.

They thought it might be nice to use a wood with religous signifigance. The SS container is 6" dia. X 8" T, and will need some finger room around it for lifting the inner vessel out, so I will need a blank that is about a cubic foot to start with.

If I can find a fine piece of wood with strong charcter, I would probably keep my part of this equation simpler than if the wood is plain, which would require that my part would need to be more sculptural in nature to achieve the effect that aspire to.

Does anyone have a source that they could link me to if something special comes to mind? So far I have only used local woods that I have found or that has found me, so I am not up on buying wood of this nature.

Thanks in advance for your help. Keith

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