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A little diversion for woodturners *PIC*

Ken Grunke from SW WI
>While googling for info on tops, I discovered that a hard boiled egg, when quickly spun on it's side, will upright itself and continue spinning on end. I'm not a fan of boiled eggs, but happen to be a woodturner who enjoys turning them and have a 3 lb. coffee can full of wooden eggs.
I couldn't spin them fast enough with my fingers, so devised this little doodad to ensure a successful spin rate.
Just a little bowl with a thin stem, and most of the bowl belt-sanded away to leave two points. Mine is hard maple, 2 1/4" long, and about 1" across the points. Too small for a real chicken egg, but the best spinners in my wooden egg collection were the smaller ones--the two pictured here are 1 3/8" and 1" diameter.

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A little diversion for woodturners *PIC*
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