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Shop Heat

>I know, old subject but I keep hearing conflicting reports. Looking into upgrading my heat for the shop this year. My wife is spending more and more time in there so the propane space heater has to go. The shop is 14 by 24, insulated with a slab floor. We are going to put in "snap tile" floor like in garages. What I would like to know from those who use them is how much does it cost to run radiant electric heaters or propane heaters like the Hot Dawg by Modine? We are definitely more tempted to go with electricity because our propane proces have almost doubled since last year. We are in the shop every weekend for 12 hours or so and a few nights a week. We are located in Kentucky so it definitely gets cold enough for heat. Don't really plan on heating the place 24 hours a day but only as needed. Any hints, info, places to buy also would be greatly appreciated.

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