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Any DIY bowl coring tools out there?

steve antonucci
>So I can set the record straight, I am not cheap. I just don't like to pay more than something is worth...

When I look at coring systems, it seems to me that they are very expensive for a bent piece of metal. Without starting WW III, it seems to me that they are not much more than a bent metal knife which can be inserted along a curved path.

So, have any of you made a run at it?

I spent WAY too long removing a core from a few cherry bowls this week with a parting tool, and a series of bent metal rods. In the end, I freed them from the tenon with curved wedges and a big hammer, but I'm thinking that there needs to be a middle ground. Assuming that a system might take 5 minutes to core (a WAG, since I've never used one) and my current method required about an hour, has anyone taken a shot at a homemade coring tool?


P.S. please don't ask for pictures of my current set up, as I would not recommend it to anyone else- just too much work!

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Any DIY bowl coring tools out there?
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