Turning Archive 2005

Beginner Blues!

>Well this was a week of learning and I am a long way from the end. I was able to produce two beautiful funnels this week. One was a learning bowl and the other was a gift for my Brother and future Sister in Law. Unfortunately now my wife is headed to the department store tomorrow to buy something. I am now sitting down with a beer too discouraged to try anymore tonight but this will definately not keep me from trying again.

Lessons Learned (in no particular order)
- know how deep your bowl goes
- there is such a thing as too thin
- don't wait till three nights before to make something

I did not mind learning these lessons on one of my many learning bowls but the gift hurt because I had spent a lot of money on the wood and there party is tomorrow.

I have some questions maybe some of you might help me with;

1. My tool was becoming very hot when I was using it on the wood. Is this from a dull tool, a bad sharpening job or pushing the tool the wrong way?

2. I would often get checks or tears in the wood, would this be caused from the same things?

As a side discussion, other than a chip catcher for your vacuum what have some of you done with your funnels you have made? Not that you ever have.

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