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You Want Fries With That?

Mark Mandell - Gone Round In Jersey
>I posdted this on AAW, and I'll be just as interested to see the comments here.

Just amazes me that folks just can't seem to let a little piece of wood dry out naturally. "Nope. I turned this Bad Boy dead wet this morning and I'll have the final coat of finish on him and ready for, um, ah, well whatever, this evening!" Jeez, guys, how much, between hot plates, microwaves, kiln heaters, and a plethora of chemicals, do you all have to spend producing that piece?

LDD, freeze-dried, nuked, boiled, baked, deep-fried, what is so Gawd-awful vital that mandates not letting the poor bowl dry at its own natural pace? Is there some Rule somewhere that I missed that says any particular piece must be finished within some number of hours after the damn tree hits the ground?

No, this ain't rhetorical. I truly don't see what all the rush is about, but I do see a whole lot of effort being put into shortcutting a process that's gonna happen in a month or two anyway.

Life may be short, but not that short.


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