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Plywood Bowl *PIC*

Stuart Johnson
>I've been trying to work on my form and decided to save my better wood. This bowl is Birch plywood with a Mahogany top ring and Walnut bottom. The plywood was a plesant surprise. I didn't find it too bad other than needing to sharpen more often. Frequent sharpening is probably a good habit anyway. I am about to give up on plain Mahogany rings. The end grain sucks up the glue and leave a dark line no matter what I try. Any suggestions? There are some chatter marks where the Mahogany and plywood meet that I didn't see or get out. All in all I like the results and will work on the next one as if I want to keep it. Unfortunately my wife wants this one warts and all. It is 10" x 3". All comments or critiques are welcomed.

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Plywood Bowl *PIC*
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