Turning Archive 2005

Goblets *PIC*

Ed Kelle
>I've been practicing on a few goblets lately as well. Finally starting to get a hang of the detail gouge hollowing technique I learned from Keith in Saratoga this spring. I still have some slight difficulty on the center as it gets deeper, over 1.5" deep, but I work out the little bump with a scraper. These are just practice pieces. The thinner cherry on the right was done on the outside with a skew, it got very thin due to a few catches, but I kept plugging away and worked them out. It was green, might warp a bit later on but I don't care. Oil finish as soon as it was done, so hopefuly it will not move as much.

The oak was just some fun with some cracked firewood. Not as easy to hollow.

My biggest issue is just the form of these. Yup, more dumpy bases. I was really working on tool control so I didn't try to make something with a thin stem, but I didn't realize how bad they looked until parted off, of course.

Suggestions for improvements are very welcome. Draw on them if you want. Any links to good goblet design or pics would be a big help. Thanks!

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