Turning Archive 2005

Unintentional thin wall bowl *PIC*

Ed Kelle
>This actually was roughed out to be a thick walled bowl which I wanted to put an outward textured rim on like I have done before. I left it aprox 1" thick with this in mind and did the DNA soak that I have been using the past few months. When I remounted it, it suddenly became obvious that this had warped quite a bit and by the time I was cleaning up the inside, I knew these just would not be enough wood to do any kind of texturing. It was under 1/2 inch at the time for for a 10" bowl this seemed way to thin for the thick textured rim that I wanted. So I decided just to work on my technique a bit and got it down to about 1/4" just about the whole was down. yea this was a big step for me, I have progressed from the big clunkers I have turned out in the past. Done mostly with my Ellsworth gouge which I love. Only a very small amount of scraping. But quite a lot of hand sanding, due to the fact that I have some play in my lathe which leaves low spots at 180° to each other. But it is an issue I just have to work around for the time being. At least I have gotten better with my techique and have not had as much tearout on the endgrain, so that sanding was not necessary to clean this up. Still sanding by hand until I get some pads for my Milwaukee, put in about 2 hours sanding on this one working my way up to 600 followed by some finer hand sanding pads. So far it has one coat of oil on the cherry. Lots of nice reds and greens going on in it which aren't too visible in the pic.

It has a very low foot on the bottom and sits well. I'm just amazed at how light it is. I doubt I will become a turner who specializes in thin works, but at least I can see some good progress. Nothing spectacular as far as the shape goes, but it was good practice.

Now as far as my questions, would you think that this warp was just one of those random things? It seems like this piece was prety balanced as far as the grain being at the same heights on either side, and I stayed quite a bit away from the pith, so that probably did not matter much either. Knowing that I wanted to have a final thick rim (maybe3/4 thick, to which I would slope outwards to make it appear thicker), should I have made this roughout even thicker??? Any guesstimates would be welcome.

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