Turning Archive 2005

Chechen Bowed Plate *PIC*

Jim Shaver - Oakville, Ontario

I must be on a roll, two turnings in less than 3 days!

This is something new I tried, a dished out piece of Chechen. It is about 5 1/2 x 5 1/2" by about 3/4" tall. I chucked it up to my Stronghold and shaped the outside then flipped it to clean us the bowed inside. The challenge was definitely the fine thin cuts you have to make once the material is very thin. With the interrupted cut I this process there really is no safe way to dampen the vibration and the chatter you get on the inside face. So I did resort to my RAS and some aggressive sanding to clean up some of the tool marks.

The finish is oil and then it was Bealled,
take care,

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