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Thanks everyone it was another Great BBQ!

David Sophusson, Custer Wa.
>Although the attendance was down from years past we all had a great time. I’d like to thank Ray and Judy Johnson for their help in cleaning up the place when they arrived. Of course they didn’t have a choice since the huge cotton wood tree that I fell 3 months ago still had some of its remains in the way to park their trailer. I can highly recommend Judy as a shop spider and cobweb eliminator, she can handle a shop-vac like no body’s business!

Once again thanks to Dave Smith a couple more people left with ideas of turning in their near future. Barb being a stone cold flat worker I think is starting to look differently at the round stuff. I have a feeling that we are going to see Barb's name here on the turning board real soon. And a neighbor of ours that we invited because he has been helping us a lot lately turned his first pen. When he left he took one of my Tool Crib catalogs and a Wood Turning catalog and was chattering something about cutting down a tree or two on his 16 acres to start drying bowl blanks.

Well it finally happened, Dave Smith, Dustmaker Mike, Wayne Goldstein, and I didn’t hit the feathers Saturday night till about 3:30 in the morning. Every year for the last six years Hovey Moore has been the last man standing but this year we got him by a bunch!

Well Bart Leetch was the big winner of the door prize and got to take home a brand new Jet mini lathe, well almost new since we used it all day Saturday. Congrats Bart!

Terry Cain (aka TC) showed up again this year and brought with him a beautiful set of rat pipes which are now sitting in my garage waiting for Gerry Wittenberg to pick up who actually was supposed to be here but bowed out at the last minute. So for the time being I think the pipes are going to look a lot better in my living room until he can come and get them and maybe I'll let him have them or...:-)

Even though they couldn’t come we did get to talk to Chico, Gerry Wittenberg, and Jim Shaver who by the way called us at midnight his time after I left him a message earlier in the day!

Between Ray Johnson and I we did take quite a few pics but when Ray and Judy pulled out instead of heading south back home they went north to spend a week up in Canada exploring. After working almost 3 months straight 7 days a week morning till night, Becky gets a little time off today before I meet her tonight and we go back to work. So she is going to upload the pics so hopefully I can post them soon.

Thanks everyone for another fantastic year!

Sophie, as always a day late and a dollar short.

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Thanks everyone it was another Great BBQ!
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