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nice show, Keith

GaryG in MD
>I was passing through Connecticut on I-84 last weekend and made a point of stopping in at the Brookfield Craft Center to see the exhibit “Innovative Perspectives in Turning” in their Bignell Gallery (located in a beautifully-renovated old mill building). Some time ago, Keith Tompkins alerted us that he had two pieces accepted in this show.

It was definitely worth the effort. There were some very attractive and interesting works there, and Keith’s two items showed quite nicely. Kudos Keith. (Dee sends her best. I showed her how to use WC on her computer, and she was chuckling about the comments re Mike Schwing’s “sea slug” as I left. Hi Dee – hope you’re still lurking!)

Keith recently helped them inaugurate their new turning center in a renovated railroad station. I peeked in the window and saw a classic row of new Oneways, each in its own little stall, complete with tools. It looks like a great place to take a class (www.brookfieldcraftcenter.org).

It was a perfect way to break up my long drive.


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nice show, Keith
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