Turning Archive 2005

Beating the Jet Mini to death!

Mike in Fort Walton Beach, FL
>All the Jet Mini talk over the last few days has me interested in some things. It seems that I am going to go with a Jet Mini and it will be my primary lathe for a long time to come (I move at Uncle Sam's whim and have a weight limit on my household goods when they send me elsewhere), so I am going with the non-VS version because I will probably use it to it's capacity and don't want a power drop which seems to come with the VS. However all the other talk about reversing the VS has me wondering, can I reverse the regular mini by the same method? I think my friends are as excited as I am that I finally get to buy my lathe so I can quit using theirs :-). Thanks in advance for the info.
Mike in Fort Walton Beach, FL

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