Turning Archive 2005

Second & Second *PIC*

tek-Brunswick, Ohio
>Saturday was a day for coming in second. The turned sculpture I had in the Art Show came in second. Our turning club met Saturday morning. We had a turn & learn project. The project was to make a bowl that would fit inside a 3-inch cube. I made a nice little bowl out of Cherry Burl, 2 5/8” W x 1 5/8” H. I tied for second place. The first place bowl beat us by one vote. Not a bad day, of course I wanted first both places. A little while ago, I wouldn’t even come close to second place. I’m happy with the improvement, but I still have to improve more. My piece did make the postcard that they used for the show. The postcard is a composite of several pieces of art displayed in the show.My piece is in the upper right hand corner.It wasn’t a big show there were eight pieces of sculpture in all. Each category of Art had a First Place and one Honorable Mention.

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