Turning Archive 2005

Curly Maple Bowl *PIC*

Jim Shaver - Oakville, Ontario

Well this is the first bowl I have turned in over a year. It's a piece of curly maple that I have had in my shop for some time now. This weekend I took a break from some furniture work and decided to get acquainted with my turning skills beyond my pen work. I am basically a form and functional turner, so this design was fun and made me try something new.

This bowl was inspired by some of the shapes that my good friend Jennifer Shirley has been turning, her "Bowl in a Bowl" design as she tells me she calls them. So I decided to try something that was going to use some pretty wood and help me get some of my tool work going again. I also like the aspect of how this shape feels in your hands, nothing light about it. The foot is a 1/16 tall and about an inch across, very plain form.

The finished bowl is 5 inches wide by just under 1 1/2" tall, it was slightly bigger on Friday, but my attempts to try to dye it went in a bad way, bowl gouge to the rescue. The final finish is several coats of oil, then through my Beal wheels

I would appreciate some very critical review please, I am open to all aspects of comments so please, I am asking for this input to help guide my eye.

Take care

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