Turning Archive 2005

Mahogany Bowl Mishap

Barry Turner
>I went to the shop to turn a bowl. I had a dry 10" X 10" X 4" Honduras Mahogany blank that I bought some time ago. I turned the outside shape with a 4" foot and a 2" tenon. I power sanded the exterior and reversed the bowl to hollow it. After hollowing, I intended to reverse the bowl again and turn away the tenon, leaving a simple 4" concave foot.

I trued the rim and started to establish the wall thickness, using my new Crown PM bowl gouge. All was going well. The bowl was hollowed about halfway down when I got a king-sized catch and ripped the bowl from the chuck, leaving the 3/8" X 2" tenon behind in the jaws.

The bowl is intact, except for a deep gouge in the rim, which can be turned away. I salvaged the tenon from the chuck jaws and carefully glued it back to the bottom of the bowl using medium-viscosity CA glue. I'm going to leave it clamped overnight and try again.

Considering the ease with which I was able to rip the tenon from the bowl made me wonder, is a 2" tenon adequate for turning a 10" diameter bowl? I suspect that it may be on the small side. Is there a rule of thumb for tenon size in relation to bowl diameter? Thoughts anyone?

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