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Questions About Fuming Wood

Peter Toch
>It has been long known that oak and other tannin containing woods darken considerably when exposed to ammonia fumes. I also learned, on this forum and in the AAW Journal, purpleheart, when exposed to hydrochloric acid (Muriadic Acid) fumes intensifies to a beautiful "cranberry" color which I have done.

My question: is there is a body of knowledge somewhere that lists the effects of exposing various species of wood to different chemical fumes? If so, where can I find this information? I am interested in intensifying the colors of padauk, lyptus, redheart, bloodwood, yellowheart, etc. Also, what other species yield interesting effects when exposed to chemical fumes? Any and all information on this subject would be appreciated.

Thanks, Peter Toch

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Questions About Fuming Wood
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