Turning Archive 2005

Thanks and I'm Impressed

Ruth Niles
>Thanks for all the responses from club officials and members who requested a free sample of my stainless steel bottle stoppers.

AND I'm impressed and totally blown away by the number of lurkers on this site. As is very common on any forum, there are maybe 20 (?) people who post regularly here yet I got over 100 requests from this group while only 7 from 2 other groups combined! Tells me this is THE place to be.

I think you guys should give yourselves a pat on the back because you make this group what it is. Namely; we are all civilized (at least with the keyboard!), we don't have one or two "know-it-alls" (at least they don't tell us they know everything!), I don't get any SPAM from this group (ah, sweetness personified!) and there are more professionals here and not just turning but wood, tools and finishes.

Oh, we've patted ourselves on the back before but that was for all the people who post (which IS what makes the forum great) but I'm patting our backs because of all the people who love this group that we don't even know are out there. Hellooooo out there, "thank you".


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