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Revitalizing our Club

Ben Aragon
>Revitalizing our Club

The woodturning club I belong to is slowing down for some reason. You know how it is when 5% do 100% of the work and then you loose a few of them. I know there are a lot of good turners in the club but getting them to participate is a little hard. We meet the first Saturday of the month. This Saturday a relatively new member is giving the demo on Stacey Hager’s Cove tool.

After the demo I plan on giving him a nice bowl blank as a thank you. I would like to present the idea to the club that, Unofficially we should bring a piece of wood to the member giving the demo that month. Also that you don’t have to bring a piece of wood to each meeting unless you want to, but maybe 3 or 4 of the 12 meetings a year. I know I have more wood than I can turn because I stop every time I hear a chainsaw in the neighborhood.

Is this idea too presumptuous, I’m not sure how to present this idea to the club. I don’t want anyone in the club to feel like they have to bring any wood to a meeting to be a member. There are people in the club like myself that have more wood than sense.

At the meeting we have about 40 members show up and if the person giving the demo walked away with 10 or so blanks that would be a nice little haul. It might bring the club a little closer and get a few more to do demos. Maybe make some new friends. One last thing my club does do some workshops, we could do the same thing for the person giving the workshop.

I attend about 10 meetings a year I know I can afford 5 to 10 bowl blanks a year especially for demos I really enjoy.

What do you think? Am I out of line? Is this going to cause problems?

Best Wishes,

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