Turning Archive 2005

Holly Question

William Duffield, on the Cohansey
>This morning, my neighbor two doors down had a live holly tree. By noon, most of it cad been eaten by the chipper, but I rescued four sections of the trunk, about 13" dia. x 18" long. I know there are problems with fungus staining of holly. What do I need to do to have the best chance of keeping it white? I know I have to act quickly.

Some of it I hope will be turned into bowls. some will be spindle turned, and there will be other things I can also use it for. I guess this is a minor gloat, but I think about the lost potential in the rest, and in a couple of other trees, that went into the chipper, because I don't feel like I have the resources and energy to save all of it that might be useful, especially with the current oppressive heat and humidity. There's still quite a bit of hard maple, some spalted, that I can go get if I want it.

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