Turning Archive 2005

Which chuck should I buy?

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I couldn't resist. Actually I need to buy another chuck for the new lathe coming, but I already know what it is going to be. I almost hesitate to say what it is, because it will undoubtably start a debate, and you all know I shy away from stuff like that.

It is way way too hot to do anything here today, although the AC in the shop is running full blast. I have to go out in a bit, so I don't even have time to float around in the pool. I did have some time for a little deviltry though, so I thought I would post a "which chuck" thread.

By the way, I am going to buy another Talon. It is what I use most of the time with students, and I already have a Stronghold for the big stuff.


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