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Wolverine Precision Balancing System *LINK*

Steven Roxberg
>I thought that folks may like to hear my experience with this product.

I purchased it at the AAW show (stealth gloat) in Kansas City two weeks ago. I was prompted to purchase it because my Woodcraft slow speed grinder has always had really bad vibration.

I had replaced both wheels, spent time rotating the washers to get the wheels in balance and it just never really worked. I had actually considered replacing the grinder at one point it was so bad.

So at the show they agreed to let me purchase and try the balancing system and if I wasn't happy return it for a full refund.

The directions are a little lacking, but I was able to figure everything out. You basically replace the hub and washers on the grinder. It did not increase the thickness of the wheels.

I was able to get both wheels 100% balanced and was able to rotate them to any stopping point on the wheel and it just sat there. When I started the wheels would immediately start to turn identifying the heavy edge.

Well the grinder is awesome, it is so smooth and the edges I'm getting on my tools are the best I've ever acheived.

It wasn't cheap, but then a whole lot cheaper than buying a new grinder.

My grinder was so bad that the difference is night and day. Your mileage may vary, but I highly recommend this product.

Let me know if anyone would like additional information.

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