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Cracks on cherry bowls *PIC*

Jorge Castaneda
recently had my very first opportunity to work with green cherry, and also to practice coring, here are the results, two large cherry bowls, 14" across 6" deep, about 3/4" thick, a little more at the rim; the work sesion was pleasant, and the smell was nice, but both did develop cracks, the one on the left was waxed as soon as the roughing was done and had one crack in 3 weeks, the one on the right was inmersed in alcohol for a day and then put in a paper shopping bag and taped, 3 days later curiosity made me open the bag and it had developed 4 cracks, 3 visible on the picture. Bot came from the same billet and a slab of 2 1/2" was removed to do away with the pith and they still cracked. The smaller bowls made from the corings all received the same treatment as the biggest one and none cracked.
I would appreciate coments and suggestions, I have another dozen blanks and hope to learn how not to crack them, and improve my coring skills, thinking about boiling them now.
Thanks for looking

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