Turning Archive 2005

OT: GLOAT! Look what the Truck Fairy dropped off!

steve antonucci
>I woke up this morning, and it wasn't bears or coons in the driveway, but my brand new Nissan Frontier. Hell officially froze over for those of you that missed it, since that could be the only explanation for why I bought a foreign vehicle.

I was so disgusted with the selection of US made vehicles (since they announced all the discounts, no one has any stock) and the quality (Consumer Reports, et. al.) from personally driving them, that as a goof, I decided to "try" one. For a bare bones truck, it is the quietest vehicle I have ever owned.

So I intend to load up the back with the 26" cherry logs sitting at my MIL's house this weekend, and maybe get the 20" birch burl sitting at the mill later today. Feels good to have a truck again.


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