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Jim King
>I have made references in the past to the cast of characters we have here in Iquitos. I would like to introduce everyone to our elder statesman of Gringos and the most respected of all, Pappa Dan Buzzo. He is 85 years old and lives here most of the time with his 25 year old "housekeeper" her knickname is Viagra, but tomorrow is leaving for the States for his annual reunion in Texas of the "Lost Battalion" that built the Bridge over the River Kwai while prisioners of war. He is one of the last surviors and every year ther are less and he is waiting to drink the case of wine reserversd for the last survivor. Tonight we listened to the Coronel Bogey March for an hour . My wife and I had the privilage to give him a couple of turnings to take back for his sons wedding presents. Sunday we prepared his favorite meal of roast pork leg with all the Wisconsin farm additionals as mashed potatoes and gravey etc.. Good food. If anyone has family that was in the "Lost Batallion" with Dan I would like to know them. His motto is a bottle of rum a day keeps the doctor away and we kept him away tonight for at least three days. I am married to a 60 year old Grandmother and that is her with Dan.

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Something nice *PIC*
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I salute him.
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