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Fluting and drilling jig *LINK* *PIC*

Fred in NC
>For quite some time I have wanted to add a fluting/drilling table to my Jet Mini. Problem is, being a small lathe, the banjo is simply too high for anything other than the usual tool rest. Pictures of Bill Johnston's jig can be seen at the link below. So I started looking around for a "low banjo."

Necessity being the uncle of tinkering, I did some experimenting. Rigidity was the main requirement, and I also wanted it fully adjustable. After some wasted plywood and MDF, I came up with the parts in the pic. They are 1/2 x 2" steel. One is the banjo itself, and the other a plate to hold the table.

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Fluting and drilling jig *LINK* *PIC*
Dremel holder in the makings *PIC*
A table in place *PIC*
Fluting and drilling jig in place *PIC*
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