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First Big Bowl Off The New Nova *PIC*

Dick Parr
>Well I was feeling better yesterday so I dugout this box elder log half and made a blank. This is the first really Big bowl I have ever tried as it started out at 14-1/2". It finished at 13-1/2" x 5" and 1/2" thick.

This is some of the first box elder from last October and it was pretty much bone dry already so I didn't try to soak it in DNA. I turned it yesterday and sanded and finished it today. I used Tung Oil and Bees Wax for the finish.

Now I see what Jim Ketron was talking about sanding big bowls, wow my hands and wrists hurt from all day sanding. I always had a hard time with box elder tearing out anyways, but without a steady rest for this new lathe, the tear-out was terrible on the outer edges. Way to much sanding for my likes.

I need to get the Kelton video on coring because this bowl would have been bigger if I knew how to core correctly. I was almost done with coring the inside of it when it snapped the tenon on the bowl. So to make a new tenon, it made the finished bowl smaller. But I am happy with it and so is Mickey.

Thanks for looking

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First Big Bowl Off The New Nova *PIC*
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